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Susan Raab, Fiber/Clay/Mixed Media

Electric Indigo

Color and Light

Starry Night

Pathways to Peace

Aviva's Paris


Earth, Wind, Fire


Chase the Sun


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Susan Raab

I grew up playing with color, paint and textiles in my family’s business. I saw my father, who trained at NYC’s Art Students League, explore many techniques ranging from cartooning to oil painting; antiquing furniture to designing models and miniatures; and finally settling on architecturally-inspired pen & ink, bringing him full circle to the medium that first brought him to art.

I’ve always been drawn in my love of art to ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, textile and modern art. My career in children’s publishing incorporates my longtime love of illustration  with my passion for helping artists succeed in their careers.

I am fortunate to own original artwork by many artists I work with and admire, and their work has in turn influenced my own in ceramics, fiber art and design.



One thought on “My Art

  1. Susan, I enjoyed meeting you last evening at the Art’nBusiness/PhilaChamber gathering… your abstract textile work is pretty fascinating! I especially like Pathways to Peace. It looks like Catching Flowers may have some really interesting texture, hard to discern online, as so many things are…
    I wish you well in your pursuits, hoping to run into you again sometime.
    Laura Smulktis

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